About the songs

The 71Spiders album starts off with "Spider Web Blues" which I would describe as if the Who and Aerosmith smashed there amps and drums together and decided to jam, a great hard rocking song.  Next up is "The Holy Man" that starts in a slow funk and kicks in at the chorus to a dark hard rocking tune with some shades of Black Sabbath.  Without going into describing each song you will hear ( if you listen!) some uplifting hard rock ( Got 2 Have It, Love is Now)  as well as touches of heavy metal (Story of my Life, Broken Dreams) the mantra haunting "Tokyo Rose" mid tempo  rock (All Alone) Neil Young influenced "Snooze u Loose" and ends with a bluesy ballad "Goodnight".   This is a great debut album with some great hooks and classic sounding riffs!